Fire Damage Management

Fire damage can be troublesome enough but the left over smoke damage can cause serious health issues and damage to your building and contents. We can assist with…

The clean-up process must begin as soon as a fire out. As part of its fire damage clean-up service, we remove anything that cannot be preserved and move anything that can be preserved to our off-site storage facility. 

Hazardous places will now be identified, and a strategy to deal with them will be developed to prevent any additional damage from happening inside the impacted areas. Since some water will be left over after the emergency services put out the fire, water damage will also need to be taken care of.

The soot and smoke must be cleaned up after the building has been decontaminated and its contents have been taken out and organised. If not thoroughly removed, smoke odour can cling to surfaces and soot particles can be extremely harmful to your health because of the poisons they contain. Smoke odour will also be taken care of from both your contents and any structural parts that remain in the property.

Reinstatement works can then be undertaken by our construction arm and you contents moved back in on their completion.