Welcome to MDBC

We are a general builder who has 17 years business experience with a specialist insurance department in managing all aspects of damage to your property. Be it a fire, flood, storm damage etc we can assist you in all aspects of its remediation.

The company offers a wide range of services to assist property owners in the aftermath of an insurance claim. From the initial emergency repairs to the entire reinstatement process.

Our team of experienced professionals manage all aspects of the restoration process, ensuring that your property is returned to it’s pre-damaged condition quickly and efficiently.

So, if you have an insurance claim then contact us and we’ll work with you every step of the way.

About Us

M&D Building and Construction is our construction arm. We take care of all aspects of rebuilding your property. We only employ multi-skilled tradesmen to ensure all aspects of your repairs can be handled by our team.

M&D Specialist Cleaning is the home of our restoration team. They specialise in restoring your property and contents to their former glory, combatting odours, moulds, stains, waste and hazardous substances. They also undertake all of our drying operations should your damage suffer from water damage.

Our specialist cleaners also undertake a variety of specialised cleaning tasks that your everyday cleaner can’t handle.